🎓2021 Waddy Store 學生優惠申請✍🏻

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常見問題FAQ :

請先閱讀常見問題,如我們仍未能解決你的問題,歡迎按此連結 !
Please read the frequently asked questions. If this still cannot answer your questions, please click on this link

1. 什麼時候才會審批?When will the application be processed?

申請後大概需要三至五個工作天方會收到電郵通知批核結果。在未收到批核結果前,請耐心等候 。

It takes around 3-5 working days to finish the process. Please wait until you have received the confirmation email. 


2. 請問會員優惠期到什麼時候 ?How long will the membership last?

會員優惠期將由批核日期起計一年, 一年來可享有銀級會員的福利 。

The membership begins on the day of approval, which lasts a year. When the membership expires, you could renew the membership by applying to the scheme again or purchase up to $2500 in three months. 


3. 請問我的學生證今年8月到期,可以申請嗎?If my student ID card expires in August, would I still be eligible?

Yes! As long as you are a student when you apply for the discount, you are still eligible. 


4. 請問半日制學生可以申請嗎?Is part-time student eligible as well?

YES! All kinds of students are eligible! Even for students studying outside of Hong Kong, you are also eligible!